How to use the search field

Search Fields

citationDetails (text)contextsOfUse.description (text)contextsOfUse.title (tag)continent (tag)id (keyword)manufacturerAge (tag)manufacturerGender (tag)manufacturerKin (tag)manufacturingProcessDescription (text)materialDetail (text)materials.description (text)materials.title (tag)mechanisms.description (text)mechanisms.title (tag)objectName (text)objectType.description (text)objectType.title (tag)observationYears (text)pathways.description (text)pathways.title (tag)recordType.title (tag)report (text)scale (tag)society.title (tag)subsistence.description (text)subsistence.title (tag)toolSize (text)userAge (tag)userGender (tag)

Searching for tags or keywords

When searching for tags or keywords, you are required to type out the whole value exactly to get any results. If there are any spaces in the tag or keyword you must prefix them with a \. E.g.: child\ only will be the correct syntax for matching that particular value in the Scale field.

Query Syntax Help

Phrase/Exact match" "
Field SearchFIELD_NAME:( )
Must Not-
Proximity" "~[1-100]
Grouping( )